Live, Love, Travel

I have traveled through most of the United States, I have driven the length of Route 70 from NJ to Nevada, from West Texas to Missouri, Michigan to Florida. Lets say my poor car has a few miles on it (go put-put!). Let my travels, adventures and misadventures inspire some of your own, or save you from my mistakes.

Just in the two years I've had an iPhone 
Texas in January
Texas is a HUGE state, and a great location to visit no matter the time of year. I've been here in the heat of August and the mild chill of January. While there are deffinite advantages to a summer time visit, don't discount a winter visit to the lone star state.
- San Antonio

- Fredricksburg (Hill Country)

- Austin (coming soon!)

Great American Adventure: Take 1
As OMS3 (third year medical students) we are gifted our last actually Christmas Vacation for more or less the next ten years. Last year we took full advantage of those precious fourteen days off and ventured off for A Great American Adventure!
- Kirksville to Las Vegas

- Las Vegas to Texas