Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ads: Why I Hate to Love Them

Personal dilemma here: I hate navigating around the mine-filed that is the internet these days with all the new and crafty ways that advertisements are being thrust in the way of content that I might actually want to read. What little brain power I have left is quickly frazzled as I search for the "no"option, or the "Thanks, but No Thanks" fine print on pop-up ads, the in-between paragraph banner adds and those little sneaky buggers that move around the page so you can never hit the "X" adds.

Yet, I have advertisements on my little blog. Yes, I feel like a sell out....Ok not really. But mine don't chase you around, hollering and screaming to be clicked, chasing your mouse and hiding their "go away" options. 

While I hate in-your-face adds, I kind of like the grown-up feeling that they lend to my humble little blog. And I honestly don't mind seeing the little bit of revenue that they create for me either. 

I am (despite appearances) a starving medical student surviving off high-interest government loans, anticipating working insane hours for below-poverty wages all the while kissing the ground my attendings walk on because: one day I will hold the scalpel.

So take a moment, have some pity and click on an ad or two. 


Really, please do it. 

For me. 

Me and Ninja