Monday, January 26, 2015

February Challenge: $100 Budget

February, new month, new challenge!

Meal planning is coming along, with a big hand from batch cooking. We have gotten better about identifying what soups, stews or other prepare-ahead-of-time dishes that we want to enjoy throughout the week. Some favorites are venison chili, chicken soup and corn chowder. Also, one large batch of shredded chicken for build-your-own tacos keeps great in the fridge and tastes even better on day two or three.

In a similar vein to last month's culinary motif this month we will be focusing in on the amount of money that we are spending each week on food and drink.

Yup, we're capping the grocery bill at $100 a week. 

Again, by getting into gear now we hope to make the transition to Intern Year smoother. By having good cooking/planning/prepping habits we will be able to keep eating clean/healthy and by tracking and paying closer attention to spending we should be able to maintain our goal budget of $100 a week.

WHY? You ask... because we love to travel, to dance, to live. By no means will we be starving ourselves, but we will cut out impulse buys, late night pizza ordering and other financial/health potholes. 

Heres to another month, and a new challenge!