Tuesday, January 20, 2015

4 Top Blogs: Check Them Out

A good blog is hard to find, never mind a great one!

Here is a short compilation of some of my favorite blogs, places that I look to for inspiration, entertainment and just because.

Simply Recipes by Elise Bauer is one of the finest, if not the finest, cooking and recipe blog on the internet. She brings her family's traditions, recipes, methods and spirit to the world of food blogging. Simple to follow directions accompany ingredient lists composed of real food. She uses very little processed or pre-packaged items and even goes into detail on preparing and storing your own broths and bases. Make sure you try out the "Perfect Cheesecake", it is everything it promises and more: its my go-to for impressing neighbors and guests!

GomerBlog is like The Onion for medical professionals! A superbly executed satirical site that hits the nail on the head for nearly every frustration, wtf moment, medical school hardship and gomer in my life.
"Gomer" from the must-read book The House of God by Samuel Shem essentially means 'get-out-of-my-emergency-room'. Anyone with a toe in the medical field can and should enjoy this little gem of a blog.

Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn is Tom's favorite website ever, at least I think so. Pat uses this site to help others get on board with making the internet and other aspects of life work for you and make you money. The podcasts are enjoyable, easy to listen to and insightful. This blog is worth a once over for anyone and everyone, get inspired and make money from your experience and find your niche!

Chocolate and Bacon by Christa Hannon aka my sister-in-law is a favorite stop on the internet for me to check in and see what new, creative and cool things she is up to. I love checking out her to-do lists, as well as the dream travel locations and new life-challenges and updates. Check out her advice on cleaning out, and paring down your wardrobe and while your there checkout the great travel pics!

BlogLovin.com is a must for finding new blogs and sharing your own little slice of internet notoriety. Follow Misadventures of a Medical Student on bloglovin today!