Citrus and Thyme Chicken Legs 

This recipe brings together the flavors of lemons, orange zest, fresh thyme and baked dark-meat chicken to fill the house with wonderful smells and the dinner plate with delicious fare. Fall-off-the-bone, juicy and mouthwatering chicken.

Crispy Thin Crust Pizza

You can take me out of New Jersey, but you cannot take away my pizza! 

Even if I have to make it myself. For everyone away from the culinary greatness that is the corner pizzeria, here is a recipe for you. Enjoy this crisp, fresh and easy to make pizza from dough to toppings.
Happiness in the Oven
No flour? No salt? No butter? Sweet! These sweet little bites pull together three of my favorite flavors into one delicious finger food.
Breakfast on the Go!

Shredded Chicken-Under-a-Bowl Tacos 

Chicken underwear? My frying pans don't have I improvise frequently. I do however have a good set of metal, uncoated, mixing bowls that I frequently use to trap heat/juice/flavor in the pan and  occupant of said pan to ensure the most flavorful food possible.

Fun, Delicious and Fresh

Hickory Smoke Chili

I love a hot bowl of body warming chili in the winter. I hope you enjoy this recipe for my favorite chili, its quick to make, simple, healthy and best of all tastes even better as it rests over night. Make a batch to warm up the house on a cold winter day.

On a recent trip to Texas I picked up some new spices, special salts and new jams and preserves. This recipe revolves around the Hickory Smoked Sea Salt I found while in Fredericksburg, TX on vacation. Check your local grocery or specialty store for a similar ingredient.

Steak Tacos 

Living in Kirksville You get either settle for restaurant food, or you learn to cook. These little beauties are the result of living with a native Texan that just will not settle. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
Fun and delicious dinner idea

Balsamic Venison Stew

This wonderfully rich stew relies on kitchen staples and a slow cooker to bring together classic flavors for a great winter meal. Its perfect for those days you don't want to leave the house and brave the grocery store!

Recognizable and delicious ingredients

Best Apple Pancakes

Who doesn't love a warm kitchen on a cold morning and the smell of cinnamon and apples? These apple pancakes are quick, simple and honest. Top with a touch of good maple syrup for a taste that will have you wanting these everyday!