Monday, January 19, 2015

Monthly Challenges: Build Better Life Habits

New Year, same me, same house, same boyfriend and same cat. New Year, new adventures, new milestones, new challenges.

Medical school is rough, you work harder than you ever thought you could and you change. you change in ways that are subtle at first, but become more apparent the farther through the crucible you go. Yes, the road to becoming a doctor is a crucible: a place or occasion of severe test or trial.

My time is precious, and expensive now. Therefore I am taking it upon myself to try out new money/time/brain saving ideas each month to nail down good habits and break expensive ones before entering Intern Year.

I want to know that what precious "free time" I have, and what little "disposable income" I'll enjoy are put to the optimal use. I want to spend my down time enjoying my boyfriend's company, and playing with my Ninja, not cleaning, or working at home. I want to use what little money doesn't go to loans and cost of living to gather experiences, not things.

Join me, take on a few challenges along with me and find out how I'm doing in my hunt for good, healthy and relationship friendly life habits.

January: Meal Planning

February: $100 Budget