Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Stars Table Runner

Another "cheater" quilt pattern, devised by my mother, is this three fabric holiday star table runner.

It utilizes the same principle of cutting cardboard patterns to iron the pieces around and pinning them into place on top of the "sandwich" with right sides facing out, then sewing them down. I love this cheater style with precision pieces that require points to match up perfectly.

Holiday Stars 
Here we use:

  • Small triangles - 3.5" equilateral triangles 
  • Hexagon & large triangles - 7" equilateral triangles & 4" sided hexagons
  • Base fabric 12" x desired length rectangle.
The difference with this project is that to decrease the amount of ironing, we can sew the small triangles to the hexagon before ironing under the edges. Make sure to leave 1/4" hanging over each hexagon edge, and use a 1/4" seam allowance. 
The star is one unit
Also, the large triangles only require 2 sides to be ironed under.

Assemble the pieces with the points all meeting in the center of the base fabric rectangle, 6" from either edge starting from the center of the base fabric and working out to the ends. 

We'll finish off this piece with the small triangles' fabric as a 1" border around the whole thing.