Sunday, December 14, 2014

Squares and Triangles

This beautiful table runner is super simple to make, and is the first piece I made quilting in the midwest. Using a ton of pins and a iron you can create this festive set too.

Fall leaves are great all season.
Begin by selecting four fabrics that highlight one another, using a mix of light and dark fabrics lends a nice drama to the finished quilt. As well as material for the back, and either interfacing (for a thin runner) or batting (for a puffier runner).
  • Outer border & triangles 
  • Large square 
  • Small square
  • Base color 
Next measure and cut cardboard templates of each shape. Shoebox cardboard work best, its thin and durable.
  • Large square -  5 & 3/4"
  • Small square - 5"
  • Triangle 3x3x5 (right angle)
  • Border - 2"  
Cardboard cutouts, iron, pins and sewing machine.
The "cheater" part of this style is that you don't have to be precise in cutting the fabric, nor with stitching perfect seam allowances. Each piece is ironed into its designated shape using the cardboard templates, and arranged on top of the base fabric then pinned into place.

Before sewing, add the batting and back fabric to create a "sandwich" with the right sides facing out. Add few pins to make the sandwich stick together while you sew.

Using a color thread that either highlights or hides will give your table runner a different look. Here I went with a light yellow that is just visible, but not a huge contrast to the color scheme. Sew just along the edges of the pinned down shapes, taking great care to not let the stitching waver.

I like to finish the edges by wrapping the border fabric around to the back and ironing the edge under and hand sewing it down for a clean look.