Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Squares & Triangles: Fall Placemats

A cute and quick decorating fix for the fall table that's pairs perfectly with the Sauares and Triangles table runner.

Wonderful way to dress up the table.
Use the same fabrics or mix it up with different colored leaves for each placemat. Here we use the cheater sandwich technique to quickly create beautiful quilted placemats.

  • Small Square - 2"
  • Triangle - 2x2x2.8 right angle 
  • Border - 2" long rectangle 
  • Base fabric - desired placemat size 
  • Batting 
  • Backing fabric 
Were going to use cardboard patterns of he desired shapes to iron our fabric pieces around to achieve crisp edges and corners. Don't forget to snip the extra fabric from the corners of the triangles! Begin by piling the base fabric on top of the batting and backing fabric making sure right sides are facing out. 

Find the center of the base fabric and begin by placing the first small square on the center point, continue pinning down the remaining squares and triangles to create the leaf. Next, using the border fabric ensure that one ironed under edge is ironed under twice, lending a smooth edge to the turned under side, this is going to be the outside edge that wraps under the base sandwich to seal the placemat. 

Once the border is pinned in place situate the four accent triangles, one in each corner and pin down. 

Sewing these cheater sandwiches is quick, take care to stay near the edge of each piece and to sew down each edge. With these I like to use a wide zig-zag stitch running down the seam between the blocks.