Thursday, December 25, 2014

Ninja: my little creeper

Ninja is our rescue kitten. She started life in the front yard of a good friend here in Kirksville, MO drinking out of puddles and eating god-knows-what. We found her at about ten weeks old and brought her home, gave her a bath and she's been weaseling into our hearts since.

Adorable no? 

The trouble with Kittens is that they invariably turn into Cats. And cats are rude. So we've been working on training Ninja to think she's a puppy :)

Adventure Cat! 
No, I'm not the only one in my family to put a cat on a leash, Grandma started it with Target. But Ninja is the adventure cat, prowling around Thousand Hills State Park.

Bothering Homer the beta fish
ANY container of water automatically belongs to Ninja, tea cups, fish bowls, you name it. She doesn't even care that Homer is in there, just wanted a drink.

My study buddy 
Every once in a while cats still do something so cute you can't help but go "awe" and remember why you love em'.

Every time I work on anything 
But hen they go right back to sitting on your project, playing with your computer mouse and stealing your socks. 

If looks could kill
Have you ever tried to was a cat? Not as easy as washing a kitten. Now they know how to resist and are big enough to. We had to draw a bath, dunk her in, apply soap and rinse by dunking. No more sink baths for this girl.

Full Loaf 
You learn some interesting things living with a cat, words have new meaning and privacy is out the window.

There is no privacy 

The cat that wants nothing to do with baths loves to sit, lounge and play in the sink.

Ninja is not impressed 

Does this sweater make my butt look big?