Sunday, December 28, 2014

It's the Midwest Baby! Winter Edition

I have traveled all over the United States and seen a lot of amazing and awful things, but there are some things you only find in the midwest. 
Scary the Snowman, make of tires and inner tubes.
Winter brings out the creativity in some people around here too. This beauty is on North Osteopathy St. in Kirksville, MO. 
Its just Iowa
Lots of farm land, feed plants and old homesteads to bee seen though. There is a lonely beauty in driving through these "flyover states." 

First Light near the Missouri/Illinois border  
Winter in the midwest is cold and snowy, with freezing winds whipping across the planes right into your face. But, the landscape sure can be beautiful if you're willing to brave the ice and wind.

Route 63 Between Greentop, MO and Kirksville, MO
If you do decide to drive here are some of the more common sights, no big cities around here...or even decent sized towns.
Retired firetruck on Route 3 south of Kirksville

Active farm on rt 63 north of Kirksville, MO
So you don't want to drive to Kirksville? No problem! We have an airport, its only 5 miles south of town and this little twin engine beauty is the commercial airliner. I've ridden in the co-pilot seat because it was booked full, an experience not to be missed.
This is the commercial airliner